The Day My Music Died

Every generation has the day in which it can say “The Day
the Music Died”

How can you remember the day

When you can’t remember what happened five minutes ago?

Why is one man so vivid in memory?

Do everyday memories have less meaning?

Has he been deemed of so much great importance?

I know remember

He changed our lives forever

We saw the buildings fall

We saw the people die

That was the day our music died


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Out of chaos there is calm

A single blade of grass

Grows through a weakness in man

Green and bright

Against the grey and dull

Despite all of the chaos there is calm

Through the weeds

A flower finds a way to bloom

Bright and beautiful

Against the brown and unpleasant

A glimmer of hope that nature will shed of what is to come

In a hood filled with despair

A child sits alone and dreams

He knows that there is more to life than the darkness surrounding him

He is the blade of grass

He is the flower that will bloom

He will be the glimmer of hope

He will be the calm in the chaos

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As I walk the streets

The guitar peaks my curiosity

But it is her hips that seduce

She is dancing in rhythm to the music

The music binds them together

For they do not see the crowd that gathers around

Two that are connected through song

The connection will break upon the final string

The crowd voyeuristically watches

Oddly fascinated by the dance

He strums the last string and releases us back to the world



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The Market Spice

In the air the smells envelope the market

Wavering through the booths

Drawing the in tourists young and old

Once captured the vendors delight them with their wares

And enchant them with their goods

These walls hold the sounds of the past

The floors will forever hold their footsteps

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Follow me

Let me take your hand

And lead you to the unknown

To a place that I have been

But you have yet to discover

Let me show you the beauty

That  lies beneath

Allow me to take the lead

Just close your eyes ….

Follow me

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Brave and Strong

They go away as men

Brave and strong
Ready to defend
Facing the unknown
Facing untold horrors
Facing reality
But behind every man is a

girlfriend…a wife… or a mother

Knowing that beneath each man is a boy

No longer can she be the protector

Her heart leaps with each knock on the door or ring of the phone

Until he is safely back in her arms

Where she can again be the protector

They went away as boys

They came back as men


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The evening sun sets

Pulling the light of day down into the horizon

The melodies of night begin

Softly at first

Listen as each sound builds

Layer upon layer to start

Nature’s orchestra

Each chirp and chitter knowing their verse

A well-rehearsed choir

Every member knowing their part

When to solo and when to join in unison

The final verse is the ultimate crescendo of nature

The climax is the melding of all sounds

The finale of night prevails

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